2018 S/S

"Free Will" Collection

VACANT 2018 SS Collection "Free Will"

The Bondage of Desire - Frameworks and Exits


As Taiwan's primordial design brand VACANT enters the autumn and winter of 2017, it presents its clothing series for the coming season. The theme of the 2017 Autumn and Winter Collection [Despair of... Life] takes its inspiration from humankind's hopelessness and despair in the face of life — even to the point of believing one should not have been brought into the course of human life at all. If human beings are adrift in the world, suffering and grieving, it is because of the frustrations of love, hope and life. But this despair must be faced head-on. We should not evade direct confrontation with this negation or darkness, for perhaps it is only when we have gazed steadily into the darkness of the innermost heart that rays of light and warmth will arise.


This fashion design concept continues the brand's dark theme initiated in the previous season. The 2017 Autumn and Winter collection makes use of special processes like decomposition, tattering, rinsing, stripped colours, collage and embroidery to create a conception that is decadent and muted, renouncing all hope in the world and in the whole of the environment. 


The main visual elements incorporate solar eclipses, totemic eyes, human skulls and twisted vines. The eyes represent the image of a fixed gaze, quietly and reticently observing this decadent world. The layered, twisted vines symbolise how one, always in the midst of desolation, can nevertheless continue to resiliently hold on to life. While the eclipse makes evident — when hope is blocked out by darkness and although the sunlight is temporarily obliterated — how on the penumbra, as before, there still penetrates a faint halo, representing how in the midst of despair one can see the feeble light of hope.


VACANT 2017 Autumn Winter Collection, like that of the previous season, is 100% made and finished locally in Taiwan. In order for the brand's core concepts to be presented at their best, in all of their design lines, VACANT go so far as to develop their own fabrics and modulated colours; this allows the fabrics and clothing to vividly manifest a pre-Doomsday romanticism and gentleness. Individual products comprise long overcoats, trousers, T-shirts, shirts, hoodies and sweaters.

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