2017 S/S

"A MESS" Collection

What repelled her was not nearly so much the ugliness of the Communist world as the mask of beauty it tried to wear.—Milan Kundera


VACANT, was established in 2017, to reflect on the processes of a life that is excessively embellished by over-ornamentation and its vacuities. Seen clearly from the developing world-view of fashion design, by means of deep reflection provoked by suffering, the first annual spring and summer series “A MESS” will be a brand-name concept that gives expression to a haphazard collection of chaotic and unclear impressions: a consistently understated and low-key colour palette with tonalities of resistance; in the manufacturing, an increase in the looseness of the upper body, resulting in a slight slackening at the shoulders; at the same time a choice of long cuts, sleeveless shirts, hooded cardigans, work coats and similar designs; combined with the use of conceptually divergent  slogans, printed as the expression of propositions, matched with fitted denim jeans; and in addition, in the detailing, an increase in various kinds of distressed design, showing a decadent and unruly fragmentation of structure and of fabric-weave; making use of rinsing and collage techniques. This somewhat independent and world-renouncing fashion design will be merged with contemporary pop elements, to deconstruct anew our interpretations of brand imagery.  

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